Innovations in the Trucking Industry 
Not so long ago, carrying a personal computer that is small enough to fit in your pocket would have been something most would laugh at, yet here we are with smart phones at the ready. In fact, technology these days moves so fast and is so full of surprises in all industries, we just never know what wonders we will be presented with next. The trucking industry is no different so let’s look at a couple of interesting items that will make their way onto the roads before we can say automatic semitrailer.
Electric battery-operated trucks – Electric car manufacturer Telsa, recently announced plans to unveil a semi-truck and pickup truck, both based on electric battery operation. Not only are electric vehicles cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain, they also help reduce air pollution, eliminating harmful chemicals being released from the exhaust such as those from as petrol run vehicles.
Hydrogen fuelled trucks – Toyota were also quick to join the ‘race’ to exhaust-free trucks, announcing a new model semi they’re calling ‘Project Portal’, which will use hydrogen as fuel. Although not electric battery operated, the hydrogen-powered 18 wheeler also produces zero emissions with purely water vapour coming from the exhaust.
Driverless trucks – Also announced recently, Swedish company Einride revealed their plans to produce a self-driving truck called the ‘T-pod’. The amazing design comprises an electric vehicle capable of driverless navigation, also with remote operation capabilities, which is able to carry 15 pallets of goods. As with the Telsa electric trucks, one of the big benefits of this vehicle is that it produces zero emissions making it extremely beneficial to the environment. Einride plan to commence testing the T-pod this year and plan to have a fleet on the roads by 2020.

With an ever-growing need for environmentally friendly solutions, it seems truck designers are doing their bit to reduce carbon footprint in a variety of surprising ways. Who knows what we will actually see on our roads over the next 5 to 10 years? With a driverless truck on the agenda, anything is possible!

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