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  • Coffee
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We specialise in coffee

We are highly experienced in importing, storage, sampling, quarantine clearance and distribution of the world’s finest green coffee beans for Australian importers and roasters.
Traveling from Ethiopia, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil, the world’s finest coffee beans arrive in Australia via sea in 20’ and 40’ containers and are brought to our warehouse for processing.
Using only the strictest guidelines our experienced team unload and palletise each shipment ready for AQIS inspection.
Our dedicated AQIS (Quarantine) and HACCP approved warehousing areas ensures your premium product is not tainted by other cargo.
Once cleared by AQIS, samples of each variety of bean are sent directly to the coffee experts for roasting and tasting.
Once graded, these precious beans are distributed throughout Australia according to the importers instructions.

Contact our experienced staff today to organise your specialised service: 1300-368-870