The latest name in the aircraft game is the new addition to the Qantas fleet – the much anticipated Dreamliner. Boasting more direct routes for long haul flights and more comfort for passengers, the Qantas Dreamliner is also a ‘dream come true’ for cargo customers as “it will bring us closer to one of our biggest trade partners” said Qantas CEO Alan Joyce of the new kid on the block.

The introduction of the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner is the first time Australia will have a direct link to Europe. Taking just 17 hours from Perth to London, the non-stop trip in the Dreamliner presents a huge improvement in travel time from the first Qantas route to London in 1947 which took four days and incorporated nine stops!

For air freight customers this is GOOD news.

Air freight has always been faster than sea freight, but now it’s about to get faster again. Moving into the future with these new aircraft, cargo customers may potentially receive goods in 24 hours somewhere down the track, as opposed to 2 -3 days for longer flights and much longer again for sea freight deliveries. Additionally, the Dreamliner is more fuel-efficient than others of its’ capability, meaning environmental impact is lessened. And finally, these new aircraft will continue to open up more and more possible flight locations with their ability to fly for longer periods of time.

For Maptrans customers this is GREAT news!

Maptrans’ comprehensive knowledge and experience in the air freight arena, coupled with the new possibilities the Dreamliner brings, means our services for those who import and/or export goods is about to get even better! The potential for faster turnaround times, plus the possibilities this new Qantas addition opens up in regard to flight location and therefore trade partners, is very exciting!

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