There’s an ever-increasing café scene throughout Australia and with recent statistics showing that on average an Australian adult consumes approximately 9 cups of coffee each week, it’s no wonder that coffee shops are popping up on almost every corner. With this growing culture, people are also becoming more interested in what types of coffee they are drinking, and more coffee makers are opting for roasting their own coffee beans as a point of sales difference.

Sustainability & Fair Trade
In the past when people drank a lot more instant coffee, very few questioned where the coffee was sourced from. These days as a global community we are much more aware of how our actions affect others and the environment. Needless to say, coffee drinkers are now often interested to know where their brew has originated from, making sure that the farming practices, farmers, animals and their habitats, have all been considered during the coffee growing and production processes. As a result many coffee beans are now certified ‘Fair Trade’ or ‘Rainforest Alliance’ so drinkers can ensure that farmers, wildlife and the environment are treated respectfully where coffee is concerned.

Green Beans & Local Roasting
Australian coffee companies are increasingly buying unroasted coffee, or ‘green beans’ and many local cafes are opting to buy their beans this way too enabling them to roast their own. In the competitive Australian café scene, having ‘in-house’ roasted coffee can be a draw card for many small business owners, seeing them offering a point of difference to consumers. Again, coffee drinkers feel more in control of where their daily dose has come from, seeing a rise in people opting for boutique local roasters as opposed to the larger chain coffee sellers.

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